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Chart your path with options from nonprofit universities and learning providers across the country.
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Take flexible classes designed to help you balance school and work.

Taco Bell's education benefits

You may be eligible for up to $5,250 per year towards your education.

You can earn college credit for your on-the-job training at Taco Bell.

Education coaches will help you find the right college, program or class and navigate your tuition assistance funding.

What our students say

“I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with my career. Now I’m pursuing a degree in something I love and am passionate about.”


“I've always wanted to get a bachelor's degree in business and now I can finally do it thanks to the support of my employer and Guild.”


“Once this program came around, I thought this would be the best time to actually go back to school. I had always wanted to get a bachelor’s in business and now I know I can do it.”


Taco Bell Foundation's Live Más Scholarship

Apply today!

The Live Más Scholarship is for the innovators, creators, and dreamers who want to share his/her passion and receive support to pursue this passion through a higher educational outlet.

This is not needs or obstacle based; it is a passion-based scholarship program. The Live Más Scholarship is not based on your grades or how well you play sports. No essays, no test scores, no right or wrong answers. We’re looking for the next generation of innovators, creators and dreamers – whose post-high school education we will help fund.

Go to the Live Mas Scholarship website and fill out your application and submit a video on the site today!

Featured universities and learning partners

Guild works directly with top, accredited nonprofit universities and learning providers to offer quality education at an affordable cost.
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Why Further Your Education

Greater earning potential

+ $23.7 K

The average salary increase for someone with a bachelor’s degree.

Increase opportunities


More likely to avoid unemployment.

Maximize your potential


Students say classes help them feel more capable.

Be a role model


If you earn a degree, there’s a good chance your kids will too.

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